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    Work Comfortably

    Having arthritis can make it hard to do many simple tasks in the office, from holding a pen to typing to opening a door. Using simple tools and gadgets can help ease your frustration and allow you to work more comfortably.

    Rubber Grips

    Use flexible rubber grips over anything that's too small for you to hold, such as pens, pencils, and letter openers. In addition to making many tasks easier, rubber grips can also help reduce pressure on your fingers and hands.

    Doorknob Adapters

    Round doorknobs can be especially hard for people with arthritis to manage. Use a doorknob adapter, a lever handle that fits over any standard round doorknob. It lets you open doors by simply pushing the lever up or down. 

    Lamp Adapters

    Small knobs on lamps can be nearly impossible to turn with arthritic fingers. A lamp adapter can turn any metal lamp into a touch lamp with three levels of brightness. Just screw a lamp adapter into the light bulb socket and you can adjust the lamp's brightness with the touch of a hand.

    Leg Extenders

    It's important to stay comfortable while you work. Having your desk and chair at a comfortable height can really help. Use leg extenders on any desk or chair to adjust the height and make them more comfortable to use. 

    Spring-Loaded Scissors

    Using scissors is often tough when you have arthritis. Spring-loaded scissors do most of the work for you. They're great in the kitchen and garden, too. 

    Key Turners

    Using a key isn't so easy when you have arthritis. If you have problems using keys, try a key turner. This is a device that easily snaps onto any key to make it wider and easier to grip and turn. You can also wrap electrical tape around the top of the key to make it bigger.

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