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    What allergy medicines are available for ongoing allergy relief?

    Endocrinologist, WebMD Medical Expert
    Medical Editor, WebMD

    There are many targeted allergy medicines that can give you allergy relief. These allergy medicines are delivered in a variety of ways from oral pills, tablets, capsules, and liquids, to inhaled nasal sprays. Some allergy medicines are available by prescription only, while others are available over-the-counter.

    Here's a brief overview of the various types of allergy medicines and how they work:

    • Steroid nasal sprays -- Control all allergy symptoms.
    • Decongestants -- Control nasal stuffiness and congestion.
    • Antihistamines -- Control sneezing and drippiness; may relieve congestion from allergy.
    • Anticholinergics -- Control runny, drippy nose.
    • Mast cell stabilizers -- Prevent nasal congestion before exposure to allergens.
    • Combination allergy medicines -- Prevent nasal allergy and reduce swelling in stuffy nasal passages.
    • Expectorants -- May thin mucus in the airways so it can be expelled or drain out.
    • Allergy eyedrops -- Contain various ingredients to help with red, itchy eyes.