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How can we identify food allergies that our baby might have?

Answer by:
Louise Chang, MD

Internist, WebMD Medical Expert
Medical Editor, WebMD

It’s important to introduce baby to new foods gradually, and one at a time, in case of food allergies. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble tying an allergy to a specific new food. For example, if you give your baby three new foods over the course of a day and she develops an allergic reaction, you won’t know which of the foods provoked it.

It doesn’t matter all that much which foods you introduce to your baby, or which order you introduce them in, as long as the foods you are offering are healthy and well-balanced. But each time you offer a new food, you should wait three to five days before adding another to the menu. Don’t eliminate all the other foods your baby is already eating during that time -- just don’t add anything else new.