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    Exercising Outside With Allergies

    Internist, WebMD Medical Expert
    Medical Editor, WebMD

    If a good day includes some time exercising outside, there's no need to give it up because pollen’s making your nose stuffy. It just takes a little planning.

    The pollen count tends to be highest in the morning, so plan afternoon workouts.  

    If you go out during high-pollen times, wear a face mask so you won’t breathe in as much pollen. As soon as you get home, rinse out your nose with saline spray. You may also want to ask your doctor or allergist about an antihistamine nasal spray. Using them before you work out can help stop symptoms when pollen levels are high.

    It also helps to know what triggers your allergies. Talk to your doctor about allergy tests. That way you'll know which particular pollen levels -- grass, tree, weeds -- to watch. Consider an indoor workout if the pollen count is extremely high.