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    What is meant by the term "healthy home"?

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    In general terms it means a home that is environmentally friendly and promotes good health. This often means a reduction in chemical exposures, particularly in regard to cleaning chemicals and “off-gassing” of toxins emanating from items such as pressed wood furniture, carpet padding, or stain-resistant fabrics. It also includes concerns about mold, which grows in wet or damp places and can cause respiratory problems and neurotoxic effects.

    Another concern is radon, a colorless, odorless gas that comes from the earth and can get into a home via cracks in the foundation. Exposure has been linked to various health concerns.

    Also important is making sure your home is lead-free -- it’s still found in some water pipes and on older painted surfaces -- since it remains particularly harmful to growing children and pregnant women. The most important way to keep the environment in your home healthy is to not smoke.