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    Should I wake my baby for feedings?

    Pediatrician, WebMD Medical Expert
    Heading Home with Your Newborn: From Birth to Real

    I don’t recommend waking babies for nighttime feedings because you want them to sleep. However, I would suggest you wake them for night feedings in their first couple of weeks if they haven’t yet gained back their birth weight; babies tend to lose 10% of their weight after they’re born. Also, if they’re sleeping more in the day than the night, I do suggest waking them so they don’t go more than four hours without eating.

    Overall, I suggest not waking babies at night so they can find their own sleep schedule. And you generally don’t have to wake them in the day either, because most will wake on their own. If you notice that the baby is sleeping for longer stretches during the day, then I would start waking them in the day, so they don’t get night and day mixed up.