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    What are some skin care tips for teens?

    Answer by:
    Norman Levine, MD

    Dermatologist, WebMD Medical Expert
    Society of Investigative Dermatology

    Many teenagers struggle with acne due to their changing hormones. Here are some skin care tips to help teenagers achieve the best possible results for their skin.

    • Take care when choosing cosmetics: Cosmetics like foundation, blush, and moisturizer should be oil-free. Chose products that do not promote the formation of blemishes or cause blocked pores. Ask a qualified sales person or a dermatologist which skin products would be best for your skin type.
    • Don't pick your face: If you pick, squeeze, or pinch blemishes, you risk developing acne scars. Don't rub or touch blemishes.
    • Be gentle with cleaning: Hard scrubbing will only make your skin condition worse. Gently wash your skin with a mild cleanser in the morning, at bedtime, and after heavy exercise. Avoid rough scrubs or pads. After you wash your skin, rinse it thoroughly.
    • Use sunscreen (SPF 30 or more) regularly: The sun can damage the skin and promote premature aging; therefore, daily use of sunscreen is recommended. Although a tan or sunburn can make the skin feel less oily, the benefits are short-lived. Remember that some acne medications, as well as some other medications, can make you more prone to sunburns. For this reason, use sunscreens all of the time. Re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours, more often if you are swimming or sweating.
    • Be careful when shaving: Avoid the accidental nicks of blemishes by shaving lightly and only when you have to. You can experiment with different razors to find the one that is more comfortable for your skin.