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    What are the best solutions for my baby's teething pain?

    American Pharmacists Association

    Teething pain is very common, and there are a few things that parents can do to help:

    Give your baby a freezable teething ring or a pacifier that you can stick in the freezer. The cold may help decrease the inflammation, which can cause pain.

    Wet a washcloth with cool water and let baby gnaw on it a bit to relieve some pain and inflammation. You can also wet a corner of the washcloth, freeze it and allow baby to gnaw on it.

    Massage your baby's gums with your finger.

    Infant acetaminophen may help, as well. It will relieve the pain, and your baby may actually sleep a little bit better.  If the baby is older than 6 months, ibuprofen is an option.

    The FDA issued a warning about teething medications that contain benzocaine, such as Anbesol, Baby Orajel, and Orabase. It has advised parents and caregivers not to use products with benzocaine in children younger than age 2. Benzocaine has been associated with a condition called methemoglobinemia that can affect a baby's oxygen levels.