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Feeding Baby: 8 Eating Milestones

Baby Milestone 7: When They Can Drink Water

Babies don't need water during their first 6 months of life. They get all the water they need from breast milk or baby formula. Babies under 6 months of age should not be given any water at all because it’s easy to fill up their tiny stomachs -- and they should be filling up on the nutrients they need to grow. Once they start eating mostly solid foods, around 9 months of age, they can start water with meals using a sippy cup.

If your older baby shows an interest in water that you’re drinking, there’s no harm in letting him have a few sips. Just don’t let it replace the nutritious breast milk or formula he should be getting.

Baby Milestone 8: When They Can Completely Feed Themselves

Mastering eating with utensils is a long process. Most babies do not become really skilled at it until well over a year. Encourage your child to practice, and again, be prepared for a little mess. (How else will you get the “oatmeal in the hair” pictures that will embarrass him years later?)


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Reviewed by Renee A. Alli, MD on August 06, 2012
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