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Getting the Baby Gear You Need

Your Ideal Baby Shower: How to Get It
Is it OK to ask for what you want? Here are 4 baby shower etiquette tips for making your wishes known.

Money-Saving Tips For Your Baby Budget

9 Tips for Raising Baby on a Budget

Find out how to spend your money on the things that matter.

Buying Baby Clothes

These shopping tips help you get the most out of your purchases.

Expert Q&A on Baby Gear

  1. 1.What should I look for in a baby monitor?
  2. 2.What second-hand items should I avoid?
  3. 3.What's an inexpensive way to decorate the nursery?

Community for Parenting Newborns 0 – 3 Months

Connect With Other Parents
Share tips and experiences with other moms and dads on what baby gear is useful – and what you can live without.
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