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    Baby Developmental Milestones: By 8 to 12 Months

    Uses pincer grasp

    Your baby is moving from the raking grasp to a precise finger-and-thumb pincer grasp. For practice, give him little finger foods to pick up -- like cooked peas or O-shaped cereal. Keep away choking hazards, including older children's small toys and foods like grapes, nuts and peanuts, and raw vegetables.

    Bangs two cubes together and puts objects in and out of a container

    Your baby's hands are busy, putting objects in and out of containers and banging them together. You don't need to invest in a drum set yet. Just about anything safe will work, including pots and pans, plastic containers and wooden spoons, and egg cartons.

    Tries to imitate scribbling

    Your baby has made her first scribbles - hopefully some marks on a piece of paper and not the wall! She's imitating what her parents and older siblings do. Encourage her to doodle on the sidewalk with thick sidewalk chalk. Or set her up to scribble with fat, sturdy crayons and thick paper.

    Uses body language to communicate and may respond to "no"

    Though he isn't using words yet, your baby uses his body to talk. He points to things and may nod his head "yes" or "no." He may pause when you say "No!" and "Uh-oh." He may wave "bye bye." Help him learn words with rhymes, songs, and books. Name objects for him often.

    May say “dada” or other strings of sounds to imitate words

    Did baby say her first word? Was it "dada"? If so, don't take it personally, Mom. She's stringing sounds together now, and "m" is harder to pronounce than "d." In fact, she probably stumbled upon "dada" by accident. But very soon she'll be saying both "mama" and "dada" and meaning it.

    May shake, bang, or throw objects

    What could be more interesting to baby than dropping an object and watching you pick it up over and over again? He doesn't mean to try your patience. He learns how the world works by shaking, banging, throwing, and dropping objects. Play together with texture books, balls, and squeeze toys.

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