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Baby's First Exam: What to Expect

Congratulations! Your beautiful baby is finally here. What a journey!

Your baby's doctor will examine your infant for the first time while you're still in the hospital. Don't worry if you're too tired to even know what questions to ask. Your baby's doctor will talk about what is most important.

Here's what to expect at your baby's first exam while in the hospital.

You Can Expect Your Baby's Doctor to:

Questions Your Baby's Doctor May Ask

  • Have you been on any medications?
  • When did your water break?
  • Did you have antibiotics during delivery?
  • Did you have your hepatitis B vaccine?

Questions You May Have About Feeding Baby

  • When will my milk come in?
  • Is my baby latching to my breast well?

Feeding Tips

  • If you are breastfeeding, your milk will probably come in within 2 to 3 days.
  • It may come in a little later if you had a C-section.
  • Until then, your breasts will produce a thin, clear liquid called colostrum that is good for your baby.
  • A lactation specialist at the hospital can make sure your newborn is latching on correctly. Make sure you ask to see the lactation specialist so you can get the help.

Diaper Questions You May Have

  • How many wet diapers should my newborn have?
  • What color should his poop be?

Diapering Tips

  • For the first week, your baby should have as many diapers as he is days old. For example, on the first day, it should be 1 to 2 wet diapers; by day 4, at least 4 wet diapers.
  • He will have a really dark thick poop in the first 48 hours.

You'll be seeing a lot of your baby's doctor during the next year, so it's nice to get your relationship going right away.

Now get plenty of rest before starting the next amazing and most challenging chapter -- caring for your baby at home!

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Reviewed by Kathy Empen, MD on October 07, 2013

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