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Nipple Confusion: Which Kind to Buy? continued...

As with baby bottles, babies may show a preference for a certain nipple type. The only way to find out which nipple your baby prefers is to try them out. To get started, ask friends, family, and your baby’s doctor about which types and brands they prefer.

Plan on buying at least 12 nipples and covers, keeping in mind that nipples crack and leak with use, so you may end up buying more over time.

Baby Bottle Gear: Brushes, Burp Clothes, and Bibs

There’s a wide array of baby bottles and nipples to choose from and an even bigger assortment of accessories to go with them, from brushes and bottle carrying cases to sterilizers and special dishwasher bottle baskets.

Pediatricians and parents generally agree that the following items are helpful to have:

  • 1 baby bottle brush
  • 1 nipple brush
  • 6-12 bibs
  • 1 breast pump with storage bottles/freezer bags (if breastfeeding)
  • 12 burp cloths (or alternatively, receiving blankets or clean cloth diapers)

Are Plastic Baby Bottles Safe?

They are now. In the past, some people were worried about the safety of baby bottles that contained bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used to make hardened plastic. But the FDA banned the use of BPA in 2012 from baby bottles and sippy cups.