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    Of Special Interest: Infant-Early Toddler (0-2)

    Related Guide: Premature Babies

    Learn why prematurity can be a cause for concern and how you should take care of your preemie.

    Premature Infant

    Video: Preemie Miracles

    Hear the story of Clara Elizabeth, born at 26 weeks, and see what her parents and doctor have to say.

    Preemie Miracles

    Related Guide: SIDS

    Learn about sudden infant death syndrome -- a tragic, rare condition -- including risk factors that may be associated with it and precautions that may reduce the danger to your baby.


    Ear Infections in Kids

    Ear infections are a common condition in babies and children. Learn what symptoms to look for and how to treat ear infections.

    Ear Infection

    Gastoesophageal Reflux (GERD) in Infants and Children

    If your baby is doing more than just spitting up, it’s time to seek advice. Learn what causes GERD in children, symptoms to watch for, and how you can treat it.

    Gastoesophageal Reflux (GERD) in Infants and Children

    Croup and the Crying Baby

    This common childhood viral infection can rattle both parent and child. But stay calm and learn what you can do to ease croup symptoms.


    Autism Basics

    Learn the general symptoms that are present in an autistic child, as well as the established treatments for this condition.


    Related Guide: Shaken Baby Syndrome

    It’s a disturbing, but important topic to understand. Learn the symptoms and treatments of this injury to young children.

    Shaken Baby Syndrome

    Eczema and Baby's Skin

    Your baby may outgrow this itchy skin condition, but learn what you can do to treat it now and prevent it from coming back.


    Childhood Skin Problems

    Learn the causes, symptoms, and treatment for cradle cap, roseola, and Fifth disease.

    Childhood Skin Problems

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