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Understanding Colic -- Treatment

Take a Break

Colic isn't just hard on your baby. It can be exhausting for you, too. When the pressure of trying to calm a constantly crying baby gets to be too much, leave your baby with a sitter or family member and get out of the house.

Even if you just go for a walk or grab lunch at the mall, taking a break can help relieve some of the strain you're feeling. When no one is around to help, it's OK to leave your baby in the crib or playpen and go into another room briefly until you regroup.

No matter how frustrated you get, never hit or shake your baby. If you ever feel like you might hurt your baby, call your doctor right away and ask for help.

Also call your doctor if your baby:

  • Has diarrhea, especially if you notice blood in it
  • Is not eating or gaining weight
  • Is running a fever of 100.4 degrees or more
  • Is vomiting
  • Might be sick or injured
  • Seems less alert or more sleepy than usual
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Reviewed by Roy Benaroch, MD on March 09, 2014
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