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Coping With a Crying Baby

Colic Remedies

Soothing a Crying Baby: What Works

From gripe water to rhythmic motions, 9 tips to help baby stop crying.

What is Colic

What Is Colic?

Find out what colic is and what you can do to help a colicky baby.

Getting Your Baby to Stop Crying

10 Ways to Calm Your Baby

You've fed her, changed her, and held her. But nothing seems to help. Try these 10 ways to calm a fussy or colicky baby.

Why Is My Baby Crying?

Understanding Colic Symptoms
Your baby seems healthy but won't be comforted -- how can you tell if his crying is a symptom of colic? When should you call the doctor?

Expert Q&A on Crying

  1. 1.How long does colic last?
  2. 2.When should I let my baby "cry it out?"
  3. 3.How can I soothe my baby when he's teething?

Community for New Parents

Get the Support You Need
Connect with other new parents and share tips on what works to soothe your newborn when she's crying and colicky.
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