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    Budgeting for Twins: Tips to Save Money

    Your beautiful, little newborn twins might cost you a pretty penny. Here’s a financial and practical guide to bringing up twins on a budget.

    Oh Baby, What Savings! continued...

    Ask about samples and coupons. Many manufacturers give hospitals samples, coupons, and freebies for new parents. Before you come home, ask the nurses or hospital staff if they have any available.

    Don't buy everything at once. Think about your immediate needs for your newborns, and purchase just what your babies will need in the first few months. For example, when your babies first come home, they can sleep in cradles or bassinets in your room. This means you can hold off on that crib purchase until they get a little bigger. You also won't need a high chair right away. Just be sure you have your car seats purchased and installed before you go to the hospital.

    Buy diapers in bulk. Your cost per diaper is cheaper when you buy in bulk. And you'll go through them so quickly the first year, it will also save you time and gas money when you don't have to keep running to the store because you're out of diapers.

    Breast is best for your budget. Nurse your babies if you are able. Not only is it healthy for you and your babies, it will save you money on the cost of formula.

    Make your own baby food. Get a small food processor and make your own baby food from fresh fruits and veggies. It's a lot cheaper than most baby food found in the store. Just be sure to freeze any leftovers so they don't spoil.

    Put your money where it matters. Spend your money on safety items like car seats and cribs. Manufacturers constantly update these items with the latest safety features, so it's best to buy new.

    Clip out, click on coupons. Peruse your local paper and flyers for coupons on baby supplies. Sign up online for coupons from your favorite manufacturers. Also look at online social sites just for moms -- many offer special deals on baby purchases that can save you money.

    Something borrowed. Ask friends and family with older children if they have anything they aren't using. Most will be more than happy to get rid of baby clothes and other gear. You can also borrow things like a changing table (you'll want to buy a new pad for it), a highchair or booster seat, baby slings or backpacks, and a dresser.

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