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Bringing Up Baby Organically

There's a movement under way to go green – starting from the first days of life.

Going Organic: What You Should Know continued...

Another option is to shop local for organic groceries and, using a food processor, make your own organic baby food.

When it comes to items such as blankets, baby clothes, bedding, and even organic room decor, Rosen says it's a bit harder to know if price comparisons will really pay off. Although discount and chain stores frequently sell "natural" or even "organic" baby goods at far lower prices than specialty boutiques or "green" stores, because this part of the industry remains unregulated, he says it's hard to know if that bargain you're getting is really a bargain.

He says that even when it comes to Mother Nature, "It's often a case of buyer beware."

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Reviewed on August 27, 2015

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