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  1. Baby Has an Ear Infection

    Feb. 18, 2002 -- No matter how conscientious parents are, babies are likely to come down with colds during their first year, and colds often lead to ear infections. "The signs and symptoms can be very general, so they need to be looked at, especially in really young children less than 2 months of ag

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  2. A Solid Foundation

    Feb. 4, 2002 -- When Kyra Hurlbut was 5 months old, she began trying to snatch food from her mother's spoon. Her mother, Lydia, knew that this was a cue that Kyra was ready for solid foods. With the first cereal serving, it was love at first bite. "She chowed the whole thing," Mom says. Eating "real

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  3. The Formula Conundrum

    Jan. 28, 2002 -- There's no real formula for choosing a baby formula, and this poses a puzzle for parents. Soy, hypoallergenic, low-iron -- moms and dads can get dizzy staring at the formula choices on grocery shelves. But experts advise keeping it simple: Most infants will do just fine on the stand

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  4. When a Disease Causes Baby's Colic

    Jan. 14, 2002 -- Christie Manners of Duvall, Wash., was worn out by her colicky baby boy, Gabriel. He would cry inconsolably for hour after hour, and no amount of rocking, singing, or walking would calm him. No one was able to sleep -- not the baby; and certainly not mom and dad. For many parents li

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  5. Fat in Formula for Brainier Babies?

    Nov. 28, 2001 -- All agree that when it comes to feeding babies, breast milk is best. Infant formula manufacturers even market their products by claiming they are as close as possible to mother's milk. But in the United States, at least, commercial baby formulas are missing key ingredients of breast

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  6. Making Baby Genius

    Oct. 10, 2001 -- Want to boost your baby's brainpower? When preschool interviews loomed for my toddler twins, I got to thinking about that "Mozart for Babies" CD. We'd played it twice and abandoned it when it got on everyone's nerves. The "Learn Your Colors" flash cards met a similar fate: The kids

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  7. Cutting to the Point on Circumcision

    Sept. 26, 2001 -- From the time Debra Sherman and her husband, Mark Wilcox, learned through prenatal genetic tests that they were having a boy, they agonized over whether to circumcise their baby. "I didn't want the first decision we made for him to be a bad one," Sherman says. In the end, the Chica

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  8. More and More Babies Born Too Soon

    Aug. 6, 2001 -- Justin Washington could literally fit in the palms of his mother's cupped hands when he was born six years ago in a Nashville hospital. Dorenda Washington was one month past the halfway point in her pregnancy when she learned there was nothing more that could be done to stop her baby

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  9. Bringing Out Baby ... at Home

    May 28, 2001 -- "Having my baby at home was beautiful, inspiring, awesome!" says Jo Anne Lindberg. "I had complete freedom of movement and absolute choice in everything I wanted to do." Lindberg actually went to the movies during early labor, and then safely delivered a 9 1/2 pound son at home. "It

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  10. Banking on Umbilical Cord Blood

    When Pat Lilja's son was born in March 2000, he and his wife Laura took out what he calls an "insurance policy that works." But supplementary benefits through their HMO is not what he's referring to. Moments after Benjamin Lilja was delivered, instead of routinely discarding the umbilical cord, labo

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