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New Dads: What to Expect After Baby Arrives

Learn what's ahead once your baby is born.

Is There Sex After a Baby? continued...

Depending on whether she delivered vaginally or by caesarean section, it may take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks for her to heal completely, and even then she may not be ready for sex. If your mate is breastfeeding, her libido may be affected by hormone changes too -- and by affected we mean less interested in sex.

You may be surprised to find that she may not be the only one who's not in the mood. Both of you may be exhausted from late-night feedings and diaper changes. It is possible to be too tired for sex.

A dry spell may easier to endure by remembering:

  • The good news: Most new moms start having sex again by three months after having a baby.
  • The sobering news: You may feel less frustrated if you keep in mind that problems with sex are a normal part of recovery from giving birth. Most women also have some difficulty with sex during the same time period.
  • Your partner is coping with some big physical and emotional changes that can affect both her ability and desire to have sex. Respect her feelings about resuming sexual activity, and let her set the pace.
  • Many women say they delay having sex again because they're afraid of getting pregnant again. Talking with your partner about birth control options might help her get in the mood.

Taking It All in Stride

Yes, being a new dad can be hard sometimes, but the benefits of fatherhood will make it all worthwhile. Try to keep these things in mind as you work through the challenges of those first few months. 

Lower your expectations. Don't expect to keep up with your normal daily routine as you're adjusting to your new baby. Some days, just taking a shower will be a major accomplishment.

Keep a positive attitude. Stay positive and work with your partner as a team. That's a great way to nurture your relationship.

Reviewed on September 17, 2014

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