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This Is What Adoption Feels Like


"The next day, the social worker e-mailed me beautiful pictures. And on Wednesday, I met the baby and the interim-care mother at the agency office. The little girl had been in temporary care for five weeks while the birth parents' rights were terminated so that she would be legally free for adoption. When I first saw her, she was in this little yellow sleeper with Tweety Bird on it, and I just sat with her for an hour and held her and looked at her and fed her and changed her. Afterward, the social worker asked me if I wanted to accept the placement, and I said, 'Of course!' I decided to name her Lauren.

"It's hard to juggle everything — work, maintaining a household, caring for Lauren, and finding time for myself. My days start early in the morning and end late at night. But — and this might sound like a cliché — it's so hard to imagine my life without Lauren. If she wakes up in the morning before I do, she comes into my room with a big smile and a 'Good morning, Mommy!' Those moments, and the hugs and kisses, are priceless. She's so funny, so happy, naturally inquisitive, and so much fun.

"I'm now on the waiting list for foster adoption. I had a great experience with a private agency, but I couldn't save the fees needed for a second adoption, and I have friends who have had great experiences with adopting from foster care. I've been waiting for a month, and I'm hoping to bring home another girl, younger than Lauren. It'll be good for her to have a sibling, and I love being a mother."

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Originally published on October 18, 2007


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