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    1. 1Organization is the key to keeping baby clean and dry while you’re on the go. First, create a checklist of diaper bag essentials. Include a changing pad, plenty of diapers, ointment, disposable bags, bottles if you bottle feed, breast pads if you breastfeed, and snacks if your baby is eating solid food. Don't forget a change of clothes, bibs, and a few burp cloths.
    2. 2You'll need a multipurpose diaper bag with plenty of pockets to hold all the necessities. The style is up to you, but if mom and dad trade diaper duty, choose a pattern dad won’t mind toting around.
    3. 3Consider baby's safety when you’re changing on the go. Car seats or strollers will do in a pinch, but avoid the trunk of the car. Changing tables in public restrooms are a no-brainer.
    4. 4Sanitize first. Think about cleanliness wherever you decide to change baby. Be sure to wipe away germs and cover the changing area with a clean towel or changing pad.
    5. 5Be sure to bring your dirty wipes and diaper home in a plastic bag -- it’s considerate and doesn’t spread germs.
    6. 6Finally, don’t forget to restock your supplies each time you return. You'll be ready to pick up and go at a moment’s notice. 
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