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  1. Baby Developmental Milestones: 1 Month

    See how your baby is growing and developing and find out what to expect with this child development milestone list for month 1.

  2. Circumcision - What to Think About

    As a parent, you will decide whether you want your infant to be circumcised. Discuss and consider this option before your baby is born. If you wait, the excitement and fatigue of the delivery can affect your ability to carefully consider the benefits and risks of having your son circumcised. For more information, see:Should I have my son circumcised?If you decide that you would like to have your .

  3. Circumcision: Plastibell Device - Topic Overview

    The Plastibell is a plastic device slipped between the penis and the foreskin to circumcise a male. A cut in the foreskin usually is required before the device can be placed. Sterile string is tied around the device and over the foreskin to cut off the blood supply. Foreskin tissue is trimmed off and the end of the bell is removed, leaving the ring tied in place.Tissue remaining under the ring dies and is sloughed off. The ring should fall off by itself about 10 to 12 days after the circumcision.AdvantagesMany doctors are familiar and comfortable with its use.Different-sized bells allow a custom fit for each infant.The device produces good cosmetic results.DisadvantagesThe device is more likely than the Mogen clamp to cause excessive bleeding.Infection is more likely after this procedure than after the other procedures for circumcision.There is a delay in the removal of foreskin tissue.

  4. Cleaning Your Young Son's Natural (Uncircumcised) Penis - Topic Overview

    Male babies who are not circumcised have a greater chance of urinary tract infections in the first year of life than babies who have been circumcised.1 Keeping your young son's penis clean may help prevent these infections and other problems. Retracting the foreskin for cleaningDo not force the foreskin back over the tip of the penis. Initially, a baby's foreskin may be difficult to pull back ...

  5. Circumcision: Gomco Clamp - Topic Overview

    The Gomco clamp is a metal device with a bell-shaped end. During circumcision using a Gomco clamp, the baby's foreskin is stretched over the bell, and the clamp is tightened over his foreskin.If the foreskin can't be pulled back (is not retractable), it usually needs to be cut before the clamp is put in place. The foreskin is cut away and the clamp removed.AdvantagesMany doctors are familiar and comfortable with its use.It has good cosmetic results.It allows for easy removal of all foreskin tissue.DisadvantagesApplying the Gomco clamp is:More complex than the other methods of circumcision, such as the Plastibell device and the Mogen clamp.More likely than the Mogen clamp to cause excessive bleeding.More likely than the other methods of circumcision to remove too much skin from the shaft of the penis.

  6. Circumcision - Health Tools

    Health Tools help you make wise health decisions or take action to improve your health. Decision Points focus on key medical care decisions that are important to many health problems. Circumcision: Should I keep my son's penis natural? ...

  7. Circumcision: Mogen Clamp - Topic Overview

    A Mogen clamp is a metal, hinge-shaped device used during circumcision. The Mogen clamp does not require a cut in the foreskin before its placement.During a circumcision using a Mogen clamp, the baby's foreskin is pulled forward through the hinge of the clamp. The clamp is closed and locked in place for about 90 seconds, crushing the foreskin to decrease bleeding. The foreskin is removed surgically and the clamp taken off.AdvantagesThe Mogen clamp:Takes less time than the other methods of circumcision, such as the Plastibell device and Gomco clamp.Is least likely to lead to infection, excessive bleeding, and/or swelling.DisadvantagesFewer doctors are familiar and comfortable with its use than with the other procedures.There is greater potential for accidentally removing the tip of the penis (glans).

  8. Umbilical Hernia in Children - Frequently Asked Questions

    Learning about umbilical hernias: What is an umbilical hernia? How common are umbilical hernias? Getting treatment: Should my child have surgery for an umbilical hernia? ...

  9. Pyloric Stenosis - Frequently Asked Questions

    Learning about pyloric stenosis: What is pyloric stenosis? Who gets pyloric stenosis? When should I call a doctor? Being diagnosed: What questions will the doctor ask? What is an upper GI series? What is an abdominal ultrasound? Getting treatment: How can I comfort my baby in the hospital? ...

  10. Pyloric Stenosis - Topic Overview

    Pyloric-Stenosis-Topic Overview

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