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  1. Sensory and Motor Growth in Newborns - Topic Overview

    Newborn senses Your newborn is equipped with all five senses,although some are more developed than others. Touch. Your newborn's sense of touch is highly developed,particularly around the mouth,where he or she is sensitive to temperature,pressure,and pain. Newborns like gentle handling and to feel soft textures against their skin. Hearing. At birth,fluid in the ear canal and middle ear ...

  2. Congenital Hydrocele - Frequently Asked Questions

    Learning about congenital hydrocele: What is a congenital hydrocele? When surgery is needed for congenital hydrocele: How do I care for my child's incision? ...

  3. Hormone Therapy for Undescended Testicle

    Drug details for Hormone therapy for undescended testicle.

  4. Congenital Hydrocele - Topic Overview

    What is a hydrocele? A hydrocele (say "HY-druh-seel") is a buildup of watery fluid around one or both testicles. It causes the scrotum or groin area to swell. A congenital hydrocele is one that a baby is born with. Hydroceles can also occur later in life for a number of reasons. This topic is about congenital hydroceles,which are common in male newborns. The swelling from a hydrocele may ...

  5. Hypospadias - Topic Overview

    What is hypospadias?Hypospadias is a male birth defect in which the opening of the tube that carries urine from the body (urethra) develops abnormally, usually on the underside of the penis. Depending on where the urethral opening occurs, the four types of hypospadias are:1Glanular hypospadias. The urethral opening develops just below the end of the penis. This is the most common type of ...

  6. Undescended Testicle - Topic Overview

    What is an undescended testicle? As a baby boy grows inside his mother,he develops testicles. Early in his development,his testicles are in his belly. Normally,before he is born,his testicles move down into his scrotum,the sac that hangs below the penis. When one testicle does not move into the scrotum as it should,the baby has an undescended testicle. In rare cases,both testicles are ...

  7. Undescended Testicle - Frequently Asked Questions

    Learning about undescended testicles: What is an undescended testicle? Are there different types of undescended testicles? What other conditions may be present? Who is affected? Being diagnosed: What is a medical history for an undescended testicle? What happens during a physical exam? What kinds of hormone tests are done? What is an ectopic testicle? What is a retractile testicle? What is an ...

  8. Hydrocele - Topic Overview

    What is a hydrocele?A hydrocele is a painless buildup of watery fluid around one or both testicles that causes the scrotum or groin area to swell. Although this swelling may be unsightly and uncomfortable, it usually is not painful and generally is not dangerous. Although hydroceles are common in newborns, they can also occur at any age in later life.What causes a hydrocele?The cause of most ...

  9. Problems After Delivery of Your Baby - Home Treatment

    If you develop problems and your doctor has given you specific instructions to follow,be sure to follow those instructions. Feeling tired (fatigue) Most women feel tired after labor and delivery. Caring for a new baby,loss of sleep,and the normal physical changes you experience as your body returns to its nonpregnant condition can add to your fatigue. To help with fatigue in the first few ...

  10. Problems After Delivery of Your Baby - Health Tools

    Health tools help you make wise health decisions or take action to improve your health. Actionsets are designed to help people take an active role in managing a health condition. Managing postpartum depression ...

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