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    1. Soothing Your Sick Child

      WebMD offers tips on soothing your sick infant or toddler.

    2. Why Won’t Baby Eat?

      Feeling frustrated during your baby’s mealtime? WebMD helps you understand common feeding problems and offers solutions to your most challenging mealtime dilemmas.

    3. Fever in Babies

      WebMD explains fever in infants -- including possible causes, taking an accurate temperature, and when to call the doctor.

    4. Forming a Bond With Your Baby -- Why It Isn't Always Immediate

      WebMD examines the bond between baby, mother, and father, why it may not happen immediately, and how to foster the connection with your newborn.

    5. Is Your Baby a Picky Eater?

      Is your baby fussy and difficult at feeding time? WebMD helps you to recognize -- and help -- the picky eater in your family.

    6. What Baby Skin Care Products Does Your Newborn Need?

      WebMD tells you which skin care products you should have on hand for your newborn - and which ones to avoid.

    7. Baby Nutrition in the First Year: What to Feed Your Baby Now

      This nutrition chart from WebMD shows what solid foods your baby should be eating at each stage of the first year and how to prepare them.

    8. Inherited Lipodystrophy

      Lipodystrophy is a problem with the way your body uses and stores fat. Inherited types affect babies and kids. It changes the way they look and causes serious complications.

    9. Cleaning Your Young Son's Natural (Uncircumcised) Penis - Topic Overview

      Babies' nails can be different lengths at birth and grow at different rates. As you bathe your baby,check the length of his or her nails. Trim the nails if they extend beyond his or her fingertips,to prevent scratching. A baby's nails can be clipped or cut. Clip your baby's nails after his or her bath when they are softer. You may need someone to help you hold your baby. Your baby's nails ...

    10. Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip - Topic Overview

      Pyloric-Stenosis-Topic Overview

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