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    1. Circumcision: Mogen Clamp - Why It May Be Done

      Circumcision is performed on newborns mainly for cultural reasons. For example, parents may make the decision about circumcision based on religious and family traditions, personal preferences, or the social norms within their communities. It is also important to consider the benefits and risks of the procedure.Should I have my son circumcised?Circumcision is not medically necessary. There may be .

    2. Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip - Topic Overview

      Babies grow rapidly during the first year of life. Weight,length,and head circumference measurements are plotted on growth charts to monitor your baby's growth over time. Most babies: Grow about 3 in. (7.6 cm) to 4.5 in. (11.4 cm) in length by 4 months of age. Although growth may slow slightly between 4 and 7 months of age,by 12 months of age most babies have grown a total of about 10 in. ...

    3. Spitting Up - Safety Measures Around the Home

      From birth to age 2, children depend on parents and caregivers for their safety. Safety issues change and increase rapidly in number as newborns grow into toddlers. It is important to consider your child's physical and mental development when evaluating current and future hazards. Although close supervision is important, it is not realistic to think that you can watch your child's every move. In .

    4. Cleaning Your Young Son's Natural (Uncircumcised) Penis - Frequently Asked Questions

      Learning about spina bifida:What is spina bifida?What is a neural tube defect?How much daily folic acid do I need before and during pregnancy?Testing for spina bifida:What should I know about birth defects testing?Should I have the maternal serum triple or quadruple test?Should I have amniocentesis?Getting treatment:What is physical therapy?What is occupational therapy?What is a urinary catheter?Living with spina bifida:How can I help build my child's self-esteem?What are the educational rights of children with disabilities?What should I know about latex allergy?How can I take care of myself as well as my child?

    5. Cleaning Your Young Son's Natural (Uncircumcised) Penis - Topic Overview

      Try the following comfort measures if your baby is hospitalized: Stay with your child,or visit often. Hold or touch your child. Talk to your child,and be involved in his or her care. This will help your child get well,and it will make you feel better. It will also help you be more comfortable caring for your child when he or she returns home. Take some of your child's familiar or ...

    6. Cleaning Your Young Son's Natural (Uncircumcised) Penis - Topic Overview

      Your newborn immediately starts to communicate with you. Newborns need and,in their own way,ask for social interaction with others. They communicate by moving their arms and legs and directing their gaze toward a familiar voice. Their eyes and face brighten as they track parents' movements and scan their faces. When they break their gaze,it signals the need for a rest from the interaction. ...

    7. Cleaning Your Young Son's Natural (Uncircumcised) Penis - Topic Overview

      Separation protest (also called separation anxiety) usually starts around 6 months of age,peaks near 10 months of age,and starts to fade sometime near the first birthday. Some children's separation protests may peak at or continue through to about 18 months of age,resolving closer to the second birthday. The intensity and duration of separation protest is affected by your child's temperament ...

    8. Cleaning Your Young Son's Natural (Uncircumcised) Penis - Frequently Asked Questions

      Learning about tongue-tie: What is tongue-tie? Who is affected? How can you deal with breast-feeding problems? Getting treatment: What is a frenotomy? What is frenuloplasty? ...

    9. Cleaning Your Young Son's Natural (Uncircumcised) Penis - Get started

      WebMD's list of guidelines helps you baby-proof your home quickly and keep your little one safe.

    10. Cleaning Your Young Son's Natural (Uncircumcised) Penis - Topic Overview

      The skull consists of five thin,curved,bony plates that are held together by fibrous material called sutures. These sutures allow a baby's skull to expand with the growing brain. Usually,the area within a baby's skull doubles in the first 6 months of life and doubles again by age 2. Some sutures begin to close at about this time. After age 2,the skull and brain grow at a much slower rate. ...

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