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    Nursery Equipment Safety Checklist - Topic Overview

    Gates and enclosures

    Openings in gate are too small to entrap a child's head or neck.

    Gate has a pressure bar or other fastener that will resist forces exerted by a child.

    High chairs

    There is a "crotch" strap that must be used when restraining a child in a high chair.

    High chair has restraining straps that are independent of the tray.

    Tray locks securely.

    Buckles on straps are easy to fasten and unfasten.

    High chair has a wide base for stability.

    Caps or plugs on tubing are firmly attached and cannot be pulled off and choke a child.

    Folding high chairs have an effective locking device.

    Hook-on chairs

    Chair has restraining straps.
    Chair has a clamp that locks onto the table for added security.
    Caps or plugs on tubing are firmly attached and cannot be pulled off to choke child.
    Hook-on chair has a warning never to place chair where child can push off with feet.


    Pacifier has no ribbons, string, cord, or yarn attached.
    Shield is large enough and firm enough so it cannot fit into child's mouth.
    Guard or shield has ventilation holes so baby can breathe if shield goes into mouth.
    Pacifier nipple has no holes or tears that might cause it to break off in baby's mouth.


    Playpens or travel cribs have top rails that will automatically lock when lifted into the normal use position.

    Playpen does NOT have a rotating hinge in the center of the top rails.

    Drop-side mesh playpen or mesh crib has warning label about never leaving a side in the down position.

    Playpen mesh has small weave (less than 1/4 inch openings).

    Mesh has no tears or loose threads.

    Mesh is securely attached to top rail and floorplate.

    Wooden playpen has slats spaced no more than 2 3/8 inches (60 mm) apart.

    Rattles, squeeze toys, and teethers

    Rattles, squeeze toys, and teethers have handles too large to lodge in a baby's throat.

    Squeeze toys do not contain a squeaker that could detach and choke a baby.

    Avoid rattles with ball shaped ends.

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