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    1. Video: Is It OK to Use Baby Talk?

      Your infant's first word is a huge milestone. But does the way you speak to them help or hinder their speech development?

    2. Video: 5 Things to Know About Baby Gas

      Here are five helpful tips about baby gas that will ease pressure for you and your infant.

    3. Video: Baby Spit-Up Explained

      Being hit up with too much spit-up from your infant? Find out what can cause this and how to ease it.

    4. Video: Truth About Baby Poop

      Baby poop is like a box of chocolates -- you never know what you’re going to get. WebMD gives you tips on what to expect and when to call the baby's doctor.

    5. Video: 3 Diaper Bag Must-Haves

      You don’t have to haul around the latest hefty diaper bag for your baby. Here’s a list of some essentials.

    6. Video: Blue-Eyed Babies

      Brown is the most common eye color in the world. So why are so many babies born with blue eyes?

    7. Video: What They Don’t Tell You About Caring for Newborns

      There’s no instruction manual. New moms share stories about their rewarding, but demanding role.

    8. Bottle Feeding 101

      Bottle feeding can be tricky. What kind to use? How much formula? How to mix?

    9. Baby Bottle Basics

      How to choose and take care of your feeding supplies.

    10. Formula Feeding

      Find the right one for your baby. We help you sift through the selections step by step.

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