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    Tips for Diaper Changes on the Go

    • Have a big changing pad. You never know where you’ll wind up having to do a diaper change or how disgusting the surface will be. So always bring a changing pad that’s big -- big enough that your baby can fit on without having to touch the surrounding area.
    • Wipe down public changing tables. If you’re in a public bathroom with a changing table, make sure to wipe it down first with a disinfectant wipe.
    • Dispose of the diaper carefully. Obviously, throw the used diaper in the trash immediately if you can. But for those times when you’re not near a trashcan, always bring some extra plastic bags in your diaper bag. Seal the diaper in the plastic bag and then carry it with you until you can throw it out.

      Wash your hands. No matter how harried you are, never forget. If you’re not near a sink, use an alcohol-based gel that you carry in your diaper bag.
    • Wash your diaper bag. Over time, your diaper bag is going to get yucky -- especially if you occasionally have to stuff a dirty diaper in there. So get in the habit of washing it occasionally.

    Although it’s easy to get stressed about germs and your baby -- especially during diaper changes -- experts say you don’t need to worry so much. A baby usually cannot get sick from his own germs.

    “If you just have one baby, the germs on your changing table are just his germs,” says Jana. “They aren’t really a danger to him. It’s more about hygiene and cleanliness than a health risk.”

    So the next time you’re cleaning up after a colossal diaper changing mess, reassure yourself. It may smell like a health hazard, but it’s not a risk to your baby.

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