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Slideshow: How to Diaper Your Baby

Diaper Changing, Step by Step

Whether you've never changed a diaper before or you're an old hand, you'll get plenty of practice with your new baby. Most parents have made common mistakes, like putting a diaper on backward or lopsided, or even getting an unexpected spray of urine from their baby boy. These step-by-step tips will help you master the art of diaper changing and fix any first-time mistakes fast.

Get Your Supplies Together

Have everything at hand, because you never want to leave your baby unattended. You'll need a clean diaper or two, something to wipe your baby with, and a flat surface. If your baby has diaper rash or is less than a month old, have cotton balls or squares, warm water, a towel, and diaper rash cream handy.

Always Keep One Hand on Your Baby

Wash your hands, and place your baby on the changing table or a flat surface. Use the safety straps, or make sure to keep one hand on the baby so he doesn't roll off. Never leave your baby unattended, even for a minute. If he wiggles a lot, distract him with a mobile or a brightly colored toy. Undo the dirty diaper. Hold your baby's legs with one hand, and use the other hand to pull down the front of the diaper. Don't remove it yet.

Wipe From Front to Back

First, use the front part of the diaper to help wipe your baby. Wipe from front to back to prevent a urinary tract infection. Then use a mild wipe or wet washcloth to clean your baby, again wiping from front to back. For a newborn or a baby with diaper rash, use cotton balls or squares and warm water. Pat your baby's bottom dry. If you have a boy, keep a clean diaper or washcloth over his penis while you're changing him so he doesn't pee on you.

Swap Dirty Diaper for Clean One

Lift your baby's legs, and slide the dirty diaper out. Hold your baby's legs to keep him from touching the messy diaper. Slide a clean diaper underneath your baby. On a disposable diaper, the adhesive tabs go in back and should be about belly-button level. Pull the front up between your baby's legs. For a boy, make sure his penis is pointing down so he doesn't pee out the top of his diaper.

Use Your Fingers to Test the Fit

Close the tabs on a disposable diaper, or snap or Velcro a cloth diaper shut. Make the diaper snug, but be sure you can place two fingers between the diaper and your baby's waist. With a newborn, fold the top of the diaper down so that the umbilical stump is exposed. Or use a newborn diaper with a cutout for the stump.

You May Want to Flush the Poop

What do you do with the old diaper? With cloth diapers, shake any solid waste into the toilet. Then toss the diaper into the diaper pail until it gets washed. Some parents shake solid waste into the toilet from disposables, too. Then tape up the disposable and put it in the trash or diaper pail. Some parents put disposables in a plastic bag or zipper-top bag before putting it in the pail to cut down on smell.

Take Your Time and Enjoy

Many moms and dads find that a diaper change is a great time to connect with their babies. After all, you're leaning over your baby, touching, and talking or cooing to him or her. Your baby is looking up at you and listening to your voice. Take some time to sing a song or play peekaboo. Although some diaper changes will have to be done quickly, when you have a few minutes, try to enjoy the ritual.

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