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    How the Internet Can Help You Eat Healthfully on the Go

    How much sodium is in your favorite fast food fries? Does that name-brand bran muffin pack a lot of fiber or just a lot of fat? If you power-walk a couple of miles during lunch, how many calories will you burn?

    Whatever your nutrition, diet, or weight loss question, there's probably an app for it. Or a web site, a blog, a podcast, or a downloadable audio book.

    Have a nutrition question on the go? The following tips can help you use your smart phone, tablet computer, or laptop for more than just playing games and reading the latest news. Digital devices can also making eating right on the go not only easier, but fun, too.

    Diet and Weight Loss: Smart Phones

    Because they're essentially a mini-computer in your purse or pocket, smart phones let you browse the Internet, answer email, and use hundreds of applications to track everything from your daily calorie consumption to how far you've walked.

    Are you following the Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, South Beach, or Weight Watchers weight loss plans? They all have smart phone applications, so you can check points or plans while you're on the road or at home.

    Want to know the calories in your favorite fast foods, restaurant meals, drinks, and prepared supermarket foods? What about the fat, sugar, sodium, carbs, vitamins, and glycemic rating for those foods, too? There's an application for that.

    Need menu inspiration? Recipe applications offer hundreds of breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snack, and drink ideas for everyday and special event foods. Most of these apps include shopping list options, so your smart phone doubles as your grocery list, too.

    Of course, these digital helpers don't stop at menus and calorie counts. To help you eat right when eating out, lose weight, and get fit, you can download smart phone applications that make it easier for you to:

    • Squeeze in mini-workouts if you're in the park with the kids, grabbing a quick break at work, or doing housework
    • Locate in-season, local, or organic foods, as well as area farmers markets
    • Track your workouts
    • Monitor your weight loss
    • Find a restaurant near you that serves healthy meals
    • Stay motivated with inspiring weight loss affirmations
    • Keep up on the latest health news with digital subscriptions to your favorite weight loss magazines
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