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    Make Chores Personal

    Cleaning his own room will make a lot more sense to your son than having to clean his sister’s room. "Personalizing it is important because you’re teaching your child self-reliance and how to take care of himself," Turner tells WebMD. The rewards will be obvious: your son gets to spend time in a tidy room where everything is put away and easy to find.

    Add Variety to Chore Time

    You might set up a system of rotation, or you might have your children draw cards to see which chores they have that week. Either way, it’s a good idea to rotate chores rather than make kids do the same ones all the time. Your children will become competent in several different areas, and you can avoid charges of favoritism.

    Make Chores Visual

    Some chores need to be done every day. Others are once-a-week tasks. Sears and his wife posted a magnetic chart on the refrigerator to help their kids keep track. "There was a column for each day of the week and the chores each kid was responsible for that week," says Sears. The whole family could see the chores and which ones had been completed. "Because it was visual, it was less overwhelming for the kids," he says.

    If your child is inspired by technology, you might check out some of the apps that track chores assigned and completed on mobile phones and tablets. Some have features that randomly assign chores. Some assign points for completed chores. All employ technology as a tool rather than an escape mechanism.

    Be Realistic About Chores

    While you can and should make it clear ahead of time what counts as a completed chore, you might also need to relax your standards, especially with young children. If your daughter knows you sneak into her room to straighten the bed after she made it, she might as well leave it for you to do. Praise will help build your child’s confidence and make chore time smoother in the future.

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