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    Frozen Foods to Fall Back on continued...

    French fries: As long as you bake them instead of frying, frozen fries have less than 4 grams of fat per 3-ounce serving. Baked French fries are a fast, welcomed side, and make you feel like you’re getting away with something.

    Fruits: A few bags of fruit in the freezer means you don’t have to worry if they’re fresh. Add frozen fruit to syrup or pancakes, cereal, smoothies, muffins, nut breads, and any fruit dessert.

    Potatoes (mashed, diced, and shredded): Serve mashed potatoes as a side dish or as an ingredient in dishes such as shepherd’s pie or casseroles. Add diced potatoes to soups and use shredded potatoes as a quick crust for quiche.

    Shellfish, cooked and deveined, or frozen raw: Quickly defrost raw shrimp and add it to your stir-fry. Add pre-cooked shellfish to salads, pasta dishes, chowders, casseroles, and Mexican or Asian-style entrees.

    Turkey burgers, 9%-fat beef burgers, or garden burgers: You can pan fry these pre-pressed and spiced patties in minutes for a lean, tasty burger.

    Vegetables: Stock your favorite vegetables in the freezer serve at least one vegetable with every dinner. Microwave frozen veggies and serve them as a side dish topped with your favorite spice or a sprinkle of cheese. Put veggies and fish together in parchment or aluminum foils with a little orange juice. Add to rice, pasta, stews, casseroles, chowder, or chili.

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