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5. Take a Drive

Get in the car. Drive around the prettiest roads nearby that you can find. Put on some relaxing music, or blast your favorite station and sing along at the top of your lungs. Wink at the guy staring at you at the stoplight.

6. Indulge -- Just a Little

Nobody’s telling you to blow your healthy eating plan, but a fancy cupcake, decadent pastry, or teeny jewel box of expensive chocolates once in a blue moon can make you feel special. If you can, eat it at an outdoor table while watching the world go by and pretend you’re in Paris.

7. Window Shop Online

Whether you dream of new dresses, a new house, or a tropical vacation, take 10 minutes and plunge into fantasyland. Mentally treat yourself to a Christian Lacroix gown, a beachfront retreat, or a five-star tour of the Galapagos.

8. Pick Up Something for You

Next time you’re at the drugstore, pick up that fancy shampoo you always put down in favor of the practical, inexpensive brand. Or try a dramatic new shade of lipstick or nail polish.

9. Read a Blog You Love

If it’s a "mommy" blog, try to make it one that’s fun and funny, not one that makes you feel inadequate because your home couldn’t possibly be so perfectly appointed and your kids so impeccably mannered.

10. Break for Tea

Tea’s a noted stress reliever, and just the act of sitting with your hands around a warm mug can quiet and calm you. Sip a cup of chamomile, or maybe a fancy flavor you’ve been meaning to try, from your nicest china.

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