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    Celebrity Eco-Friendly Tips

    The (surprisingly simple) truth about "going green":

    While most people can't be as lucky as Julia Roberts and have a green guru guide them toward healthier living, even the easiest changes can yield big results — from more radiant skin to cleaner countertops. For the new book Healthy Child, Healthy World, author Christopher Gavigan spoke to dozens of stars about the simple ways they've created a safer, more wholesome environment for their families. Going green doesn't have to mean single-handedly saving the Earth. Instead, it can be just reading a label, thinking a little, and making new choices. Here, celebrity moms share their healthiest habits and biggest breakthroughs.


    "When it comes to living a healthier life, I really feel you have to call your own shots. I'll make things myself, partly because it's fun, partly because I've been doing it since I was little, mostly because it gives me a sense of control. I've made homeopathic treatments and aromatherapy treatments. I'm constantly looking for the best products out there, and I helped my hairdresser launch a line of organic hair-care products, free of animal products as well as parabens and sulfates [chemicals thought by some experts to have a negative impact on health and the environment] called David Babii for WildAid. Ten percent of the money goes toward protecting endangered species.

    "Food is another area where I try to exert control. Cooking is one of my favorite things to do; when I'm away on a set and can't cook for Ryder, it drives me crazy. I like to get as inventive as possible. He doesn't like veggies, so I boil them, puree them, then hide them in his food so he doesn't say, 'Mommy, I see something green....' Often I put them in lasagna or other kinds of pasta. I'll also put flaxseed oil or a flavored omega-3 oil in peanut butter. It's all about taking charge. You can't stop your child from doing what they're going to do outside the home. But I can do something — quite a lot, actually — about the products in my home. That requires my being as conscious about things as possible, what I put in and on my body. Plus, I believe in constantly finding new ways to do things — myself."

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