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    Q&A With Chris O'Donnell


    You share a lot of screen time with ultra-buff LL Cool J. Feel the pressure to stay in tip-top shape?

    I will never be in the condition he is -- he’s a rare human physical specimen! I’m more concerned [about exercising] in order to maintain my energy level. We’re doing 25 episodes this year. That’s 200 days of filming. You gotta watch it, and get in workouts simply to recharge your batteries.

    While playing Robin during your Batman & Robin days, you injured your back doing a stunt. Does this injury still plague you?

    My back pain is not going away. Like anything, it gets worse when I don’t take care of myself. It’s all about core muscles. If I feel back pain it’s a reminder that I need to get back into the gym. If I can stretch out in the morning and get a 30-minute workout in, I’m a new man. Yoga is the greatest thing for it. For me, two days a week of traditional cardio and weightlifting, plus one day of yoga -- that’s the perfect way to take care of my back and my body.

    You often hit the links for celebrity golf tournaments. Is golf your prescription for de-stressing and unwinding?

    It is. More so when I was younger and traveling on location around the world. I feel at home on a golf course. But lately I spend more time playing beach volleyball. The kids are with me, and we’re all at the beach together. It’s a great workout, and the sand is so much easier on my back.

    What’s a perfect day look like for you, when you have no place to be and no calls to return?

    There’s something about being in your own house. You don’t have to be on some exotic vacation. The greatest thing is when something is cancelled, and now you don’t have plans and you think, “Wow, I’ve got nothing to do!” But as far as what I dream about, it’s the summertime. We spend our summers in Maine on a little island. Just long days, time on the water, great family time and memories, and getting a full day out of life with the kids. Great company, food, and wine. It’s pretty perfect.

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    Reviewed on March 14, 2013

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