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  1. Why Praising Kids With Food Doesn't Work

    Have you ever been tempted to use food to reward your children? I can tell you honestly I have, even though I'm a pediatrician. Sometimes, when my 6-year-old twins refuse to eat their vegetables, the words almost fall out of my mouth: "You'll get dessert if you finish." So what's the big deal? Here'

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  2. Matthew McConaughey Tells Teens: Just Keep Livin'

    Texan (and honorary Malibu man) Matthew McConaughey is famed not only for his hit films -- The Lincoln Lawyer, Tropic Thunder, Killer Joe -- but also for his traffic-stopping, handsome looks. Still, his good deeds might eclipse the seemingly indelible public impression of those cerulean blue eyes an

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  3. 7 Dangerous Games Parents Must Know About

    Many parents warn their children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Fewer parents, though, know that they should also warn against so-called "games" that are so risky they can lead to injury or death. Teens frequently keep details about these games under wraps. Parents often don't hear about th

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  4. Are Your Teens Sleep-Texting?

    Here's a decidedly 21st-century sleep issue: "Sleep-texting" is a growing phenomenon among teens. That's right. Teens are reaching for their phones during the night, firing off messages, and waking up with no recollection of their actions. Social media and technology are part of daily life for every

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  5. 4 Ways to De-Stress at the Dinner Table

    What's dinnertime like at your house? Maybe "dinner" consists of lukewarm takeout, eaten in front of the TV, while you also surf the Internet, or answer e-mail. Or perhaps the eat-and-run dinners you share with your kids barely leave you time to say "hello" and "good-bye" to each other. Or maybe you

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  6. Children's Allowances: How Much Is Enough?

    Six out of 10 parents give their children an allowance. If you choose to do the same, the next question is, how much? The answer will depend in large part on your child’s age, ability to handle money, and your financial situation. Here are four ways you can figure it out. 1. Set Allowance by Formula

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  7. How to Help Your Child Make Friends

    Where you stand in relation to your child’s friendships is one of the more awkward questions of parenthood. There’s no doubt that friendship is a critical childhood passage. Kids learn how to share, compromise, and work through misunderstandings with their friends. Yet the ups and downs of friendshi

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  8. 9 Energy Tips for Moms

    Why is it that the kids have all the energy, but they’re the ones who get to nap? Parenting is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but it’s also exhausting. You are on duty 24-7, no weekends off or sick days. It’s easy to focus on your kids and neglect yourself, but that’s not good for you

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  9. Clearing Clutter: Organization Tips for Moms

    Having children multiplies clutter in your house to the nth power. Toys, clothes, school papers, dioramas of the solar system, tiny action figures, the list goes on. It started out as your house, but somehow it's been taken over by the kids and their stuff. You can reclaim your home from kid clutter

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  10. Moms: How to Pamper Yourself in 10 Minutes

    You do it all. You manage the house, soothe skinned knees, cuddle away nightmares. Ask any mom when she last took time for herself, and she’ll probably say "Time for myself? What’s that?" But if you don’t care for yourself, you can’t care for others, says psychotherapist and parenting coach Tammy Go

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