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    Say What? A Glossary of Teen Slang

    WebMD Feature from "Good Housekeeping" Magazine

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    by Patricia Greco

    For confused parents, a guide to what your kids are really saying. But hurry...they'll be on to something new before you know it.

    BF, GF (abbrs., boyfriend, girlfriend) "My friends and I use it online when we're talking about who's going out with who. It's faster-I wouldn't even think of typing the full word anymore."
    -Michelle, 15, Stillwater, MN

    BF4L (abbr., best friends for life) "It's how we sign off instant messenger. And we'll say it to clear things up if we've had a fight."
    -Josie, 14, Carmel, CA

    Busted (adj., ugly) "Sometimes I'll be walking down the hall and I'll hear someone say ‘Ew,
    that girl's busted.' It's pretty mean, and people shouldn't say it."
    -Danielle, 14, Louisville, KY

    Cheddar (n., cash) "I've heard it said like, ‘I need some cheddar to buy this new video game.'"
    -Kody, 12, Louisville, KY

    Chillaxin (v., chillin' combined with relaxin') "My friends say it if I call them after sports practice to see what they're doing."
    -Arielle, 16, Wrentham, MA

    Crunk (adj., awesome) "My friends say it like, ‘Dude, you should have been there last night-it was crunk.' It may have started as a combination of crazy and drunk, but now we use it to describe any awesome time."
    -Billy, 15, Westlake, OH

    MOS, DOS, POS (abbrs., mom over shoulder, dad over shoulder, parent over shoulder) "Guys will type it if they're talking to a girlfriend online. Maybe they're embarrassed and don't want their parents to know."
    -Will, 15, Charleston, SC

    Emo (abbr., emotional. Originally a category of rock music, it now describes a dramatic person who listens to those songs.) "You're usually called it if you seem like the depressed type."
    -Justine, 13, Colonia, NJ

    G (n., friend) "It can be a funny way to say goodbye, like, ‘See ya later, G.' It's short for ‘homey G.'"
    -Sydney, 13, Lawrence, KS

    Home skillet (n., friend) "I've heard it said like, ‘Yo, what's up, home skillet?'" -Will

    Money (adj., cool) "If someone shows you a new jacket and you like it, you can just say ‘Money.'"
    -Sylvia, 15, Boston, MA

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