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    Help Fathers Be Dads

    School Age Support

    Kids are finally at an age where Dad can share some of what he loves as well as help kids find their own passions. "When Dad introduces his special interests to kids, he invites them to be part of his world," says Connor.

    What Dad Can Do

    "Scott is a private pilot, so it was natural for him to share his love of flying with our daughter, Gabriella, 4. Nearly every weekend they drive up a little hill alongside Los Angeles International Airport. They lie on the grass and watch the planes fly over their heads. Together they shout out a five second countdown to landing and high-five each other when they see the white smoke from the airplanes' tires as they touch down at high speed." — Kathie Papera, 36, Manhattan Beach, CA

    "My husband has taught our girls to build basic wood structures (small houses), how to prepare dinner (now they all cook together), and how to track animals in nature. Not doing traditionally 'girly' stuff gives my daughters fantastic practical experiences. I see their self confidence soaring when they say things like, 'I know how to use a wood saw, a hammer, and a corner wrench!' or 'I made chicken and pasta for my family last night!'" —Laurie Hurley, 50, Newbury Park, CA

    "Scott, an illustrator, draws pictures on the paper napkins he packs in my boys' school lunches. For our youngest son, Carter, the illustrations evolved into a cartoon character called Captain Carter. At dinner one night, Carter, then 8, insisted on drawing special napkins for everyone. He wanted to share the love!" — Sylvia Bodell, 45, Dallas

    "Wade is usually the one who gives our 3yearold daughter, Libby, her bath. That started early on — because he was spending the day outside the house, it was important that there was something simple he could do routinely with the baby. Libby still prefers her dad's brand of splish-splash over mine any day!" —Dae Levine, 36, New York City

    "My kids, Alex, 8, and Zoe, 5, spend the last daylight hours every day in the yard with their dad, an avid sports fan, punting a football or practicing the perfect pitch. He never plops down on the couch to read the sports page first or tells the kids he has something else to do. And they all love it." —Samantha Gianulis, 36, San Diego

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