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    Q&A With Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles

    Over the last year this country music star has given birth to a baby and a new solo album.


    Have you written any songs for Magnus yet?

    On this album [That Girl, her first solo album], I have a couple of songs inspired by giving birth and having a child for the first time, and the deep, deep love and the extreme change it is. But I didn't want the whole album to be an album of lullabies; we're all many-faceted people, so I wanted to have a well-rounded album that spoke to a lot of subjects and topics. I also write fun songs throughout the day. There's one song, "You Are So Precious to Me," that I've sung for him since he was little, and he just lights up and smiles. Hey, I've written songs about constipation!

    Do you have any new tour plans yet? Will you bring Magnus with you on tour?

    Tour plans are in the works. The plan is that I'm going to go out the beginning of 2014. Right now I'm out on a radio promotional tour, so we are on a bus, and it's the first time we've been on a bus in an extended way as a family. It's a bit of an adjustment, but I have learned that even though I fear the transitions of most everything, babies are very flexible and resilient. I think, you little lucky duck, you have been more places in 8 months than I had until I was a young adult!

    How did pregnancy go for you?

    I had a very healthy pregnancy and I am so grateful and feel so lucky that I did. I toured up until the end of the sixth month, and I hosted the Country Music Association's Christmas show when I was 36 weeks! I was gigantic. I agreed to do it when I was 4 months pregnant, not knowing what 9 months pregnant felt like, but in hindsight I'm glad I did it. It's special to have that documented -- "See what Mommy looked like?"

    Are you thinking of having any more?

    Right now, it feels early to even say. We've always said, let's start with one and see how we like it. So while I'm open to it, I feel like it's too early for me to even have the true emotional capacity to say yes or no, I do or don't. We're giving ourselves a pause to really just enjoy him right now and in a couple of years -- or earlier if we start to feel like we're ready -- we're going to take a look.

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