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    Katherine Heigl: Actress, Mom… and Animal Rescuer

    Free Spay/Neuter Clinics continued...

    The spay/neuter effort seems to be working. In the three communities the foundation has targeted because of their high proportions of euthanasia in animal shelters, the rate of dogs and cats being left at shelters decreased by an average of 19% in the second half of 2012. (The Heigls' program was the only one targeting these communities at the time.)

    Now the foundation has launched its Just One line of pet products -- collars, leads, and food bowls, along with human apparel and accessories, available at -- to help pay for more spaying and neutering. The product line gets its name from its mission of saving "just one" pet at a time. "We do our best to get the animals out of the shelters and find them homes," says Nancy Heigl. "But we can really only get so many out. If we can limit the breeding, our shelters can really be shelters and not places where animals go to die."

    Katherine Heigl's Family

    As if seven dogs weren't enough, Heigl -- who also owns and rides horses -- and her husband, country musician Josh Kelley, now have two daughters at home: Naleigh, 4, adopted from South Korea at 9 months, and Adalaide Marie Hope, 13 months, adopted in the United States at birth in April 2012. It's a level of chaos that she's said she wouldn't recommend to everyone, but Heigl handles it by keeping her expectations low-key.

    "It's a lot. I'm not going to lie. It's a lot," she says. (Heigl and Kelley split their clan's time between Los Angeles and a home in Utah.) "My goal is that everybody gets attention every day. Naleigh's at that really talkative age, so she talks to you all day long, and Josh built her this step-stool box for the kitchen so she can help. She washes dishes with me while I cook and bake. And the baby will just sit with us in her bouncy, doing her own thing."

    With Naleigh now in preschool several days a week, Heigl has a little downtime to focus on the baby and the dogs -- and occasionally squeeze in some time for herself. She confesses to struggling with the discipline needed to commit to regular exercise, but before starting filming on a new project, she cranks it into high gear. "I work with two different trainers, one in Utah and one in L.A., and they both use circuit training to keep the workout interesting and me in serious pain!"

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