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Nancy Grace and Her Miracle Babies


Shortly after they married, Grace and Linch discussed starting a family. Grace refuses to specify what methods might have led to a pregnancy in her late 40s; Lucy and John David, she feels, should be the first to hear about how they were conceived. "Also, on behalf of women everywhere who have gone through fertility treatments, it is my firm belief that what happens between your legs is nobody's business but your own. Let me say this: They are my children. They look like me and my husband, and I can only hope that they get the best of our qualities."

While she won't talk about how she got pregnant, Grace does open up about how grueling, and life threatening, it was to carry her babies.

"It was just such a roller-coaster ride, from the very beginning," she says. "First, right after I found out it was twins, I had an ultrasound where they couldn't find the second heartbeat anymore." She shudders at the memory. "For over a week, I had to go around thinking that there was just one of them, and I was heartbroken. Then at another appointment, all of a sudden, they found the heartbeat again. I just ran home and e-mailed David, ‘Our twins are back.' It was so incredible."

But the pregnancy was fraught with complications, from extremely high blood pressure to breathing difficulties, and Grace landed in the hospital five times. "I just wasn't prepared for how much a pregnancy in your 40s knocks you on your butt. It was one thing after another," she says. "At one point, in August, I thought I was going into early labor...while on vacation with my mother on some tiny island off the coast of Florida. I was in the back of this rural ambulance, on a three-hour ride to the nearest hospital. The driver was named Elvis, and I remember lying there thinking: This is not happening. I am not about to give birth in the back of Elvis's truck."

That crisis was averted, but in November, while on maternity leave from the show, Grace hit a breaking point. Her body was now under extreme strain, with blood clots forming in her legs and fluid welling up in her heart and lungs. She was rushed to an Atlanta hospital, and an emergency cesarean section was performed. "I remember the doctor said to me, ‘How does November 4th sound for a birthday?' And I was so out of it, I just looked at him and said in disbelief, ‘Is that today?'"

Born over two months premature, Lucy Elizabeth weighed just two pounds, 15 ounces; her brother was a healthier five pounds, one ounce. Grace, whose blood pressure remained dangerously high, was treated in the hospital while the babies were in the neonatal intensive care unit, a time that she remembers as a nightmare.

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