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    Nancy Grace and Her Miracle Babies


    That crisis was averted, but in November, while on maternity leave from the show, Grace hit a breaking point. Her body was now under extreme strain, with blood clots forming in her legs and fluid welling up in her heart and lungs. She was rushed to an Atlanta hospital, and an emergency cesarean section was performed. "I remember the doctor said to me, ‘How does November 4th sound for a birthday?' And I was so out of it, I just looked at him and said in disbelief, ‘Is that today?'"

    Born over two months premature, Lucy Elizabeth weighed just two pounds, 15 ounces; her brother was a healthier five pounds, one ounce. Grace, whose blood pressure remained dangerously high, was treated in the hospital while the babies were in the neonatal intensive care unit, a time that she remembers as a nightmare.

    "The babies were in the NICU at one end of this big hospital, and I was at the other end. I was so weak that when the phone rang, I'd turn my head and stare at it: I couldn't even summon the strength to pick up the phone. They'd wheel me over to the NICU, and I just felt so helpless. John David was only there for three weeks, but Lucy, they had to do CAT scans and stick these things in her eyes for tests, and she would cry this weak little cry.... It was just horrifying," she says, her voice breaking. "And I don't want to take away from how wonderful it was to bring John David home, but I couldn't help but feel like on the day that we did, Lucy was still there, begging me not to leave her. That's really how it felt."

    Through it all, Grace credits her husband as her rock. "He never left my side. He slept in the hospital with me — but he couldn't figure out how to unfold the sleeping chair and kept it half collapsed, accordion style," she says. "And I was having all these weird, feverish episodes, so I'd throw off the sheets and have the temperature turned all the way down, and he would have to sleep in his jeans, a shirt, his coat, and his hat. But he stuck with me the whole time."

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