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    Nancy Grace and Her Miracle Babies


    When Lucy finally came home, about six weeks after her birth, Grace was able to relax at last. "Let me tell you, once we had both our babies with us, it just stunned me to realize all the blessings I've been given," she says. "These babies are my miracles."

    Grace's loyal viewers have sent her countless baby blankets, books, toys, and clothes — but anyone who tunes in can see that motherhood hasn't softened her trademark style. Not long after returning to work, Grace spoke out about a notorious Internet video of a nanny roughly handling 8-month-old twins. "I'd kill her," Grace told her viewers coolly. "And I wouldn't even use a weapon. I'd just use these," she said, holding up her bare hands.

    "Here's the thing," Grace says now. "To suggest that you can't be both a mother who is completely in love with her babies, and a professional who is tough and tenacious, is ridiculous. If anything, now I feel even more passionate about fighting for victims. Now it gets to me so much whenever we cover a story about a child who has been harmed or a baby who has been abandoned that the camera has to cut away from me because I need a moment to pull myself together. It makes me angrier than ever."

    But the fury fades away once Grace steps through the door of her Manhattan apartment, where she and Linch live while she tapes her CNN show; they also have a home in Atlanta. Grace stays home with the babies most days until late afternoon, when she leaves to tape her show. She finds herself racing home to the twins just a few hours later because, she says, "I just can't imagine spending an extra minute away from them."

    Of course, just two years ago it was hard for her to imagine that she'd be coming home to make baby bottles, or getting excited about bath time, times two. It's even harder for her to remember that not so long ago having two kids at once didn't instantly seem like good news.

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