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    Q&A With Nick Lachey

    How becoming a father changed this singer/songwriter's life and music.
    By Elizabeth B. Krieger
    WebMD Magazine - Feature

    Entertainer Nick Lachey, 39, says being a new dad surprised, delighted, and challenged him -- and gave him something new to sing about.

    You have two nephews. Did that experience prepare you for having your own son, Camden?

    "To some extent, yeah, in that any experience you have is good. I mean, at least I had changed some diapers and all that. But it’s a whole other ballgame when it’s your own child -- and certainly when you’re changing multiple diapers a day. With that and with everything, you learn on the fly and you learn fast."

    Was it at all difficult to watch your little brother have kids before you, when it was something you’d always desired yourself?

    "You know, it wasn’t really. I just knew that there’s a time and a place for everything and that eventually I would get to the place where my life was ready for a child."

    What has been the most challenging part of this first year of parenthood for you and your wife, Vanessa?

    "Oh, definitely the first few days home with Camden. You’re still so new as a parent, and he’s so new, and there’s just all this uncertainty. You just don’t want to screw up. I remember that even just that first ride home from the hospital was incredibly nerve-wracking."

    Has sleep deprivation been a major issue?

    "I think we’ve both gotten really lucky and made some good choices in terms of how he sleeps. He’s a great baby -- very easygoing and has been sleeping through the night for months. But I think that’s also because we both read a bunch of books to prepare for the sleep issues, and we made sure we didn’t travel too much within his first 6 months, to get him on a pretty strict schedule. Keeping to that schedule is the best thing we’ve done. When he’s rested, he’s happy -- and so are we."

    What have you done to keep Camden and yourself healthy during his first year?

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