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Why Bullies Bully

What you need to know about bullying, bullies, and how to stop the cycle of bullying.

Life After Being Bullied

Fonville's years as a bullying target are over. As a junior in high school, she's developed a healthy self-esteem, a strong sense of who she is and wants to be, and the unique ability and desire to help others who are being bullied.

"There's a kid in my school who has autism," Fonville says. "The other kids bully him all the time. They make fun of him, pick on him, make him do things. And once one of them starts, they all jump in and do it together."

But not when Fonville is around. She is an advocate for students who are the target of bullying, standing up for them and standing up against the bullies. She is also a vocal spokeswoman in her community and online, helping people to understand her simple message: Do not accept bullying or look the other way.

"Bullying is not a part of growing up," Fonville says. "No one deserves to be treated badly."

Fonville's advice to parents: "You need to know what goes on… and control the Internet [use]. Instill in your kids respect and how to treat others and do it at an early age."


Reviewed on May 04, 2010

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