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Supernanny Jo Frost's Top Three Tips for Parents

As her show kicks off its sixth season, television's favorite nanny shares her favorite tips for raising happy, healthy children.


What's a parent to do when we try to implement your "naughty corner" time-out philosophy and it's not working?

People say to me, "Time out doesn't work," and it turns out they're not doing the steps properly. The biggest mistake I see parents doing with the naughty step is holding the child on the step, instead of putting them back. They're doing it as a way of getting the parent's attention. You have to keep putting the child back on the step, without engaging with them, until they realize you're going to keep doing it. It can take a lot of repetition! I always go into houses and have to correct how they do time out. The parents will tell me it doesn't work, and the producers will say, "What are you going to do?" I'll say, "I'm going to do what they say doesn't work, and they're going to see what they're doing wrong!"

What's your favorite children's book?

I love reading children the Olivia books! I think they're really sweet. And as a young child my favorites were those by Beatrix Potter.

You always seem so in control of every situation. What really stresses you out? What do you do to relax?

A bad flight stresses me out. Five years of traveling around and I still don't like flying. I'm not a keen flyer. So when I get a bad flight, I feel sick and I'm looking for the airsick bag, having to breathe in and breathe out. They say the universe puts things in front of you that you have to learn to deal with better, so I've got some more flying to do. As soon as I touch down it's a relief, and then I like to get in a hot bubble bath. I love my "smellies" -- my essential oils and my candles.  

Reviewed on September 30, 2009

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