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    WebMD Parenting Community: When Your Husband Does the Shopping

    Have you ever sent your husband to the grocery store to stock up on healthy staples, only to have him return with snack cakes, meat in a can, and processed “cheese spread?” You’re not alone. It may be a stereotype that men quite literally bring home the bacon when they go grocery shopping, but a lively discussion in WebMD’s parenting community proves that the stereotype is reality in many families.

    The discussion began with one mom who had sent her husband to the store because her back was out. He returned with canned ravioli, barbecue potato chips, and candy.

    “I don’t let my husband do the weekly shopping without a list from me,” declares another mom, who says she’s been planning the family’s meals carefully through the work week for the past three years. “The last time I told him to cook something healthy he made chicken strips with corn.”

    A mother of five contrasts her shopping list -- heavy on whole grains, fruits, and veggies -- with her husband’s, which prominently features white bread, hot dogs, and Apple Jacks cereal.

    “I sent DH to the grocery store for a gallon of milk -- should have been about $3.20 and he came back with $25 worth of groceries, including candy and chips,” commiserates another. (What is it with guys and the candy and chips?)

    But the discussion isn’t all about husbands’ shopping foibles. One after another, many women lament that they seem to be in the grocery store multiple times a week. “Sometimes I swear I can come home from the store and start a new list an hour later of stuff I don't have,” says one.

    Another mom agrees, saying she’s at the store two to three times a week, in addition to “milk stops” her husband makes. “It really scares me how much the bill will be when we have three teenagers!”

    But a single mom finds a silver lining: “I guess the best part about being single is I control all the food in the house.”

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