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    Diet and Nutrition: Tablet Computers

    Do you prefer the bigger display screen of a tablet computer? There are tens of thousands of applications for these devices, too.

    Want to track down healthy meals when eating out? There's an application for that. Need a food diary? Looking for a few thousand chicken recipes? How about fast facts on which has more B vitamins -- the shrimp or the clams? There are apps for these questions, too.

    Fitness apps can help you sneak in a workout at home or while traveling. You can train for a triathlon, choose from hundreds of yoga poses, get a weight training workout, or bring a belly dancing routine with you the next time you're on the road.

    Do you need a little motivation to get going on all of these? Why not download your favorite fitness magazine with some expert nutrition, exercise and motivation tips to get started? If your interests center on diet and weight loss, eating out or working out, chances are good that there's a tablet application out there to help you do it.

    Healthy Eating on the Go: Web Sites, Blogs, Podcasts and More

    Getting digital help with your diet is not just all about the apps. The Internet offers a variety of ways you can help yourself eat right on-the-go or at home. Including:

    Web sites. Many restaurant and fast food chains provide extensive nutrition guides on their web sites. These guides break down the calorie, fat, sugar, carb, and cholesterol counts in your favorite dishes, combo meals, or to-go items.

    Government web sites such as the USDA feature calorie calculators and food safety information such as food recalls, safe food handling, and other useful information.

    Blogs. Pick a city from Cincinnati to San Francisco, and you can find a food blog covering topics ranging from eating out gluten-free or finding a great vegetarian spot, to tips on making farm field trips or keeping locally grown produce fresh.

    Podcasts. These audio or video files that can be downloaded to your smart phone, tablet, or music player can be anywhere from a few minutes to hours long. You can find podcasts that cover health topics as varied as strategies for healthy eating on-the-go, tips to adopt healthy habits, how to manage stress and overcome exercise barriers, and hints on eating right when you have diabetes.