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    WebMD Parenting Community: What’s Your Favorite Family Activity?

    How does your family get the most out of time you spend together? WebMD Parenting Expert Tanya Altmann, MD, lists some options to help you start thinking about family activities and places to take kids:

    • In the Community: Museums, libraries, and volunteering
    • The Great Outdoors: A backyard camp-out, hiking, planting gardens, picnics, bike trips, and stargazing
    • At Home: Playing cards, family game night, storytelling, family dance competition, and conducting science experiments
    • Travel Time: Taking family road trips together to historic sites and national parks

    Many parents have their own favorite ideas for treasured family time. One mom says that making waffles together on weekend mornings, when no one has to rush out of the house to get anywhere, gives her time to take a breath and enjoy her husband, baby, and toddler.

    Another mother has a great list of low-cost family adventures that include trips to the exotic fish store, upscale grocery stores for a “snack-a-palooza,” and the plant nursery or garden supply store to look at plants and drink-in the outdoors.

    One family takes their kids to minor league baseball home games, as well as nearby college sports events. Inspired by all the athleticism, they also go to the gym together.

    And one mom says that an amusement park in the suburbs are big box hardware-home supply stores, where kids can ring doorbells, climb in and out of bathtubs, and name all their favorite colors in the paint section. How's that for family fun?

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